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10 Things I Love About the Future

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PostPosted: Fri 13:47, 25 Mar 2011    Post subject: 10 Things I Love About the Future

10 Things To Love
About The Future
The future is sometimes a scary thing. When you’re down or challenged, you imagine the worst possible outcomes happening to you, and spend sleepless nights wondering how you will get through it all. How can you overcome your fear of the unknown future and instead embrace it to create what you want in life?
If you can look to the future as a positive place where your dreams dominate and your fears take a backseat, you can feel more confident in your own creativity and tolerate more risk. Confidence and risk tolerance are two key components in achieving what you want. To get there,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you need to shift your perception of the future and what it portends.
I personally love the future. I’d like to share with you some of the reasons why in the hopes that if you’re worrying about your own future you will gain some new motivation to put that worry aside and adore the future as much as I do.
10. There’s so much of it. Or at least, I think there is. Like most humans, I consider myself relatively immortal. The older I get, the more I become familiar with my own creaking life cycle, but I still can’t see the end on the horizon. Even if I were to die tomorrow, the day I’m living today can be as long or short, as joyful or depressing, as fulfilling or worrisome as I allow it be. I can make whatever time I have left feel like a long road into hell or a short and merry skip to the market.
9. It’s unpredictable. I’m surprised by the number of the times I’ve said to myself, “I never imagined that my life would take this turn.” It’s encouraging to know I can’t predict the future all the time, no matter how good of a futurist I am. That means the thrill of discovery still belongs to me, and the manner in which my creations will manifest will often surprise and delight me.
8. It’s generous. I know that I will be given so much in the years to come: love, new friends, beautiful days, engaging experiences, laughter…the universe has so much to give, and there’s always more where that come from. I can happily appreciate every gift as it comes my way, and I can fully expect continued abundance from an unlimited source.
7. It’s full of discovery. We’ve come to a time in our evolution when the universe seems like an onion that we’re peeling apart layer by layer. I can’t wait to see what the next layers will reveal to us! Each layer we’ve revealed so far has taught us more about our own power to create and change our world. There’s so much more to come.
6. It’s mine. If I embrace my own power, I can live in the future any way I want. Every day I have the opportunity to accept that challenge. Every day that I do not, my future becomes someone else’s, not mine.
5. It’s a promise. As I sit here writing, some future is promised to me, no matter how small. I can make every moment of it count, if I stay awake and aware. The more precious I make my moments, the more useful and valuable they will become. The ones I let pass with small notice are the gold coins that fall out of my pocket while I run to fix the past or the future.
4. It will teach me. There is so much more to learn! Before me lie infinite chances to turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom. I am a practicing student in between the moments when I think I know everything and when I think I know nothing. When I stop thinking about what I do and do not know and let my mind discover, I sit lightly at the feet of the future and learn.
3. It’s the playing field of my purpose. My legacy is yet to be written. I can choose in each future moment to be true to my purpose and to honor my passions, because no one else can make my contribution but me. The field is huge, the possibilities limitless, and all I have to do is suit up, show up, and play the game.
2. It’s exciting! As the creator of my own experience, I look forward to all of the wonderful and as yet unknown possibilities that I will amplify into reality! I have seen, projected and predicted the future, I have designed, visualized and planned the future, but there’s nothing as powerful as the future turning into the present and all of those projections, predictions, visualizations and plans becoming reality in this moment.
1. It’s a loom. And on that loom, as my life’s master weaver, it’s my intention to weave a rich, warm and tasty tapestry of life, full of hope, cheer, love, comfort and passion from the fabric of time.
And if you want to Amp It Up: Get started right this second! The future is already here, and it waits for no one. Not even a master weaver like you.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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